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A transformational guide focused on bringing out your authenticity and enhancing connection and skills for the relationships that matter in your life.  



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A life where you’re not just surviving but thriving.

Each of us carries scars, memories and behaviours that hinder our connection with ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. Each of us has tendencies that keep us being and doing all that we can be. Maybe you feel judgment or believe that your past defines you. You will discover that these limitations are outdated coping skills connected to the past or beliefs you’ve taken on from the world around you. You are so much more than your history! I’m here to help you discover your authenticity and power. You can have better connections, more meaning and more positive impact in your life! 

I believe in your wisdom and creativity. I believe in your worth and dignity. I help you discover your natural ability to transform your relationship to yourself, and build a life of meaning, connection and fulfillment.   

Therapy with me is a powerful journey of self-discovery where you’ll:

  • Understand your unique story.
  • Transform trauma and unhelpful beliefs.
  • Find authenticity and self-compassion.
  • Awaken more connection in your relationships. 
  • Learn to live from your deepest values.

What I do

I begin by listening to your story. I learn about your current self knowledge, your struggles, your strengths and beliefs. 

I listen for what you want to make happen in your life!   

Through the power of presence, connection and powerful therapeutic techniques we collaborate to develop your awareness, self – compassion and authenticity. We develop new stories, new knowledge and new skills that will enable you to make transformational changes in your life.   


Come and See Us!

Whether you’re a brand-new client, or already part of the Ben Crebert Psychology community, I’d love to help.

At Ben Crebert Psychology, we recognise diversity as a strength and gift of nature. We are committed to embracing diversity and welcome all people irrespective of ethnicity, lifestyle choice, gender, sexual orientation or faith.

We acknowledge the Awabakal, Wonnarua and Worimi people, as the first peoples of this land on which we live and work. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

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Ben Crebert Psychology

Ben Crebert Psychology

Counselling and Psychology for Individual Adults and Couples, Kids and Teens. Parent Coaching. Supervision, Training and Consulting.
Trauma Informed specialising in EMDR and Integrative therapies.
Diversity Friendly.

Appreciation is a Relational Skill You'll get less of what you want by complaining about what you're not getting. Complaint is easy and kind of lazy. It’s half a communication. And it is a sure fire way of staying stuck. If you’re not getting what you want, lean into the vulnerability of requesting what you want, instead of complaining about what you are not getting. Be specific, if you can. Make it clear and simple so your partner knows what you want and how to give it to you. You'll get more of what you want by appreciating what you're getting. Appreciate your partner's thoughfulness, their progress. Appreciate your progress and the progress in your relationship. Look for it, where possible. Practice appreciation. It will appreciate in value.#relationalmindfulness#appreciation#bettermentalhealththroughconnection#RelationalLifeTherapy#Listeningskills#RelationalSkills#bencrebertpsychology ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Ben Crebert Psychology
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NAIDOC 2024 Keep the Fire BurningBlak, Loud and Proud. Celebrating the oldest living culture on the planet. We are still a "young" democracy and yet we inhabit an ancient continent with ancient descendants, who have cared and tended for the land for thousands of years. Australian democracy itself, is young in the face of Aboriginal culture. Today we are still learning how to live and get along. In order to get along, perhaps we need for all voices to be heard. In fact, I am sure, we need to hear all voices, even those we find difficult to hear. This is true of any relationship. We need to find and practice ways where everyone is winning. It is not easy. Without deep listening ( Dardirri ), something always gets missed. This week is a fantastic opportunity to remember to listen to Blak voices. I am confident we can all learn from Aboriginal elders ( past, present and emerging ) and the many fantastic Aboriginal led initiatives around. May Aboriginal fires continue to burn bright and mental health professionals like me and many others continue to learn how to fan the flames so that we can support better social emotional wellbeing for Aboriginal people and communities and for all. #NAIDOCWeek#bettertogether#bencrebertpsychology ... See MoreSee Less
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Take time to Notice the Little things I’m feeling into the process of life, not just tasks, roles or destinations... Today, slowness is leading.Mental health and wellbeing is connected to your ability to flow and get along with the internal and external demands of life. At times it can feel chaotic within. Simply awful. And other times something completely different. Mental health is contextual. Slowing down ( today ) is giving me time to feel more, the wonder at being a husband, a dad, a son, a brother, a friend, a colleague and one of my most privileged roles, that of a therapist with wonderful people I get to serve. The wonder of being alive…. it’s awesome…Slowing down is giving me time to take care of myself so I can live out the enormous gifts associated with each of these roles I am lucky to fulfill. Feeling such a big feeling of appreciation and gratitude at having made this time ( and I can’t wait to see my next client) but not now…. Take time for noticing the little things. Life in all its splendour will appreciate your attention.And perhaps in your mindful state, you may discover, the dynamic and majestic force called life, unfolding through your very ordinary acts of day to day stuff. Ahhhhh….. #gratitude#mentalhealth#wellbeing#bencrebertpsychology#processoriented #RI-EMDR#resourcing #restisproductive ... See MoreSee Less
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Remember, They're always Watching. If you're struggling with ongoing confict with your child. This powerful, simple ( and obvious ) relationship skill can make a big difference. When your child see's you take responsibility for the little things it sends a powerful message to them about respect. It teaches them about accountability and models appropriate use of power. The hardest thing for most of us as parents, is that when we were kids we never got enough of the sorry's we deserved. Remember, that your parents, like all parents, did the best that they could with what they knew. And so, now you know better, give it a try. Take a breath and own up to stealing the last Tim tam! Oh, and if the challenges in your relationship with your kiddo or teen are a little more complex; I can help! Reach me at: E: or SMS: 0435436757 or call 0435436757#betterboundaries#relationalmindfulness#communicationskills#authenticity#parentcoaching#values#synergeticplaytherapy ... See MoreSee Less
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Trigger warning. ‼️ Thanks Rebecca Sparrow for sharing this.The scary stranger offering your kids lollies at the park is now online chatting to your kids on Snapchat, Roblox and Discord. Offering help with building their games. Pretending to be a kid. Flirting with them pretending to be a "hot" teen.One year ago a Brisbane mum emailed me to say that she walked past her teen son's bedroom and heard him talking really quietly ... to who? Who was he talking to? She discovered he was talking to a stranger on Discord who was clearly grooming him. This man had met her son on Roblox. He'd offered to help her son build his game in Roblox. Then the chat had moved to Discord (another platform). There were HUNDREDS of messages on her son's computer. Our kids simply do not have the judgement nor the life experience to recognise every predator. Stay one step ahead.Follow * Safe on Social * Susan McLean - Cyber Safety Expert* Unplugged Psychologist* ThinkUKnow Australia* eSafety CommissionerBUY: an Inchargeboxto lock up devices over night (they can charge whilst being locked away). BOOK: A Screen Sanity Parent Night - they specialise in going into PRIMARY SCHOOLS to educate parents and also to encourage parents to work together to delay social media and to be aware of the dangers and traps. Screen Sanity Australia is based in Brisbane and is a not for profit. "online" contracts can be found here: issues to:* Police* Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation* Youth Law Australia for free, confidential legal advice for people under 25 **if you are worried about legal implications for your childMAKE THE DECISION:🔥 No devices in the bedroom or bathroom🔥 No devices overnight (use an @inchargebox )🔥 Spot check your child's devices to see who they've been talking to. 🔥 Don't threaten to take away devices. Remind them that they can tell you ANYTHING and won't get in trouble. Together you can fix anything!🔥 When it comes to introducing devices to kids - go slow. Kids in primary school don’t need smartphones and social media. Ignorance isn't bliss. ... See MoreSee Less
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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a therapeutic approach that helps individuals process traumatic or distressing experiences and rework attachment narratives. It is a powerful and effective therapy with an ever broadening evidence base supporting its effectiveness in treatment for a range of problematic presentations ( e.g. PTSD, Anxiety and Depressive Disorders etc. ) EMDR therapy involves goal setting, assessment, preparation and desenstization of distressing material using bilateral stimulation, such as eye movements or taps, to facilitate the processing of traumatic memories. These phases of therapy are followed by the installation of positive beliefs ( often spontaneous narratives ) about distressing situations. Such beliefs are more coherent, hope filled and connected to a different felt sense of the experience. Instead of reliving old patterns and narratives, the past becomes a remembered experience and a brighter more positive view can begin to emerge. EMDR therapists check their work with you as you go and it is reviewed as a part of the overall EMDR protocol. I am an accredited EMDR practitioner and clinical psychologist who specializes in providing EMDR therapy to clients across the lifespan. I utilise it kids, parents, adults and in couples work. It is great as a standalone treatment approach and integrated into other modalilities. I also provide board approved supervision and am a consultant in training for clinicians pursuing accreditation in EMDR with EMDRAA. If you are seeking EMDR therapy, for yoursef or a loved one, or training support in EMDR reach out.Contact me via: Email: Email: #emdr#emdraa#emdrtherapist#accreditedemdrpractitioner#mentalhealth#evidencebasedtherapy#psychologysupervisor ... See MoreSee Less
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One of the many models of therapy I am trained in is SPT otherwise known as Synergetic Play Therapy. It is a magnificent model and framework for being with life, moment to moment. I feel such gratitude to Lisa Dion for developing this model. This post was shared by the Synergetic Play Therapy Institute and is such a great series of ideas that you can utilise with your kids. These ideas are aligned with my deepest values and support the mission I have to support the creation of better mental health in the communities I serve through developing soft skills ( ie communication and relational skills ) that undo trauma fields ( within and between people(s)), and promote more connections in relationships despite power differentials and issues of diversity. When kids feel safe enough to be courageously themselves, it is a sign that their forebears are doing their work. I am committed to being a part of an international community of therapists across mental health practices locally, nationally and internationally who each day create micromoments of connection with clients that water new seeds of hope and possibility. #relationalmindfullness#relationalneuroscience#synergeticplaytherapy#EMDRTherapy#authenticity#mentalhealthmatters#relationallifetherapy#relationshiptips ... See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

Ben Crebert Psychology
Role playingWe all experience different roles all day long. In this very brief video I offer a couple of examples on how to see roles and play with them to create new awareness and creative solutions with your kids. These ideas can be applied with your partner and also your self.I’ll talk more about roles and regulation in future posts and videos. If you want to work with me reach out! I am contactable here: or here: #relationalmindfullness#playfullearning#deepdepmcracy#connectionmatters ... See MoreSee Less
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