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At Ben Crebert Psychology, we work with many different clients, through many different experiences. You might be looking for support to work through family or relationship issues, identity, transitions, times of grief, or high stress and anxiety. See below some of our client needs that we can work with. If you have any questions about how the team at Ben Crebert Psychology can best support you and your needs, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

At Ben Crebert Psychology, we specialise in these common conditions:

Anxiety and Depression



Grief and Loss


Adjustment Issues

Abuse ( physical, sexual, emotional)


Behavioural Disorders

School Refusal



Relationship Issues


Bipolar Disorder



Tuning into Kids

Tuning into Teens

Circle of Security

Kids and Teens

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Services for Professionals 

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Registrar Program

University Master of Clinical Psychology Students

Provisional Psychologists

If your treatment plan requires, we actively collaborate and consult with other organisations and professionals

GP’s, Paediatricians and Psychiatrists

Acute Inpatient and Outpatient Mental Health Services

NDIS providers

Schools and School Counsellors

Justice Services

Occupational Therapists

Speech Pathologists

Social Workers and other Private Psychologists.

Supporting you to grow in your community is at the heart of what we do.

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Ben Crebert Psychology

Ben Crebert Psychology

Adult and Couple Psychotherapy. Parent Coaching. Training and Supervision. Trauma Focused. Relationally and Diversity Inclusive.

7 days ago

Ben Crebert Psychology
Role playingWe all experience different roles all day long. In this very brief video I offer a couple of examples on how to see roles and play with them to create new awareness and creative solutions with your kids. These ideas can be applied with your partner and also your self.I’ll talk more about roles and regulation in future posts and videos. If you want to work with me reach out! I am contactable here: or here: #relationalmindfullness#playfullearning#deepdepmcracy#connectionmatters ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Ben Crebert Psychology
Using Parts Language to assist with difficult emotions. Have a listen to this little spiel and try it for your self. Try it alone and with your loved ones. “Part of me feels this way and another part of me feels this…” such clarity can be so connective. Just notice and name that a part of you is feeling a particular way and go from there! Reach out if you need support with this. For some people, particularly people with trauma of varying degrees of complexity, emotions can be something to avoid. There are varying reasons for that. For example our emotions are connected to memories and modelling we had from our forebears and society. Go gently! Get professional help if you need it! And we all need it sometimes ☺️Contact me at:admin@bencrebertpsychologyOr via my team This does not replace therapy with a qualified peofessional. Get professional support if you need it! See your GP or search up Psychologists near you. ... See MoreSee Less
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I wasn’t planning on posting.But this image *needed* to be made today. Recess and lunch should not be taken away for any reason.They are essential breaks that our kids NEED to regulate.Especially the kids who are struggling to work.Especially the ones who can’t focus on learning. Especially the ones who struggle to control their impulses. Removing those opportunities to regulate only keeps them trapped in this cycle.Just... why?Em 🌈 ... See MoreSee Less
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Working with Your Self You my friend, are unfinished! You are perfectly incomplete. And why would you be? The world is dynamic. ( hint: so are you! ) However, many of us have stuckness, moods, anxiety. We experience painfully repetitive thoughts, disgusting habits! Silly conflicts. Silences. Withdrawals and Explosions. We are hosts of our own messes and that of the world! Rumi Jellaludin, a Sufi Mystic wrote a magnificent poem called The Guest House ( see image ). I often share this with my clients ( young and old ). In that poem he describes the experience of being a human and it captures an attitude of compassion and openness. It describes the benefits of being curious and being grateful for what you have ( all of it ) right now! It invites you to see everything that reaches your awareness as a part of you. So dear reader, I invite you to be a host. I implore you to be more internally hospitable. Try being curious about your internal guests, the aches and pains, the moods, and anxieties. I invite you to think of your "symptoms" as messengers. It is not easy. Consider: Asking yourself what part of me has the [ insert experience. eg. the mood? ] What part of me is holding the [ insert experience eg. anxiety ] ? Start with curiosity. Breathe and listen. Welcome that little or big one. Ask that part of you what it needs? Breathe... This is the beginning of an new orientation. An internal relational mindfulness. It is emotion regulation. It is creating internally secure attachment. This is one way to work with yourself. Go slow. Being with yourself is not as easy as it seems. Though you are worth being with. If you find you are struggling ( and we all do - even therapists ). Reach out. See your GP. See a Therapist. Get HELP! Go for a walk. Excercise. Take in nature. Get HELP! Relearning a relationship with yourself ( and others ) takes time. It takes practice and experience in relationship to love the parts of you that you've learned to ignore, hide away from or shame. And for many of us, these guests will keep arriving whether we like it or not. Learn to like your inner guests! And. Be safe! If you'd like to work with me you can reach me via: admin@bencrebertpsychology or through the team I work with at Seva House. email: this excercise is no substitute for therapy with a trained clinician or guidance from your medical professional. Reach out if you need more support. ... See MoreSee Less
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Happy Pride Month! Nature is great teacher. If you look closely, you will see all of the colours. The whole spectrum. It is all there. Visible and not visible. If you look closely you will see distinct landforms, landmarks, flora and fauna. This and That. You will see transitional spaces in the landscape. Where ecosystems blend. Moving from one distinct type to another. Nature is itself and also a mirror. One to which we all belong. A divine spark, slowed down enough to be visible. Glorious chaos. Sublime. Diverse and wonderous! We belong to nature, we are not separate. Though our thinking makes it seem so. We are nature in clothed human form. And culture is perhaps an extension of natures wonder, not something abstract, but a part of. A symbol of our relationship to the larger whole. Sometimes our cultural ideas and beliefs are perhaps symptom of our lack of connection to the whole? This month is pride month. A visible and collective opportunity to celebrate LGBTQI+ people. It is an celebratory reminder to appreciate natural diversity and creativity. It is invitation for all of us to revise unhelpful and harmful individual / collective ideas about who we are and how we treat one another, particularly when there are differences on the basis of sexuality and gender. It is an invitation to see more of the beauty available to be noticed. It does not mean we have to change who or what you are. But instead embrace a more complete view of reality. A view that like your earth can hold diversity and all the tensions that exist. Whilst I identify as a hetero cis male ( I am what I look like ) I recognise that I have a lot to learn about supporting and embracing diversity. I have a lot to learn about being an ally, someone who welcomes and supports LGBTQI + people. In this month, like all months I am practicing learning how to be a force of solidarity for LGBTQI+ people. My goal is to be a person who helps to create more safe enough spaces for people who are still feeling like they need a month of celebration to legitmate their inalienable right to be themselves safely.We have a long walk ahead to create a world that can embrace what nature does so easily moment to moment. #HappyPrideMonth#LoveisLove#LGBTQI+#mentalhealthmatters#TherapyforAll#bencrebertpsychology ... See MoreSee Less
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